The female reproductive organs are entirely located within the pelvis but the male reproductive organs are both inside and outside the pelvis.

What are the reproductive organs of a man?

They are:

• Scrotum
• Testes
• Epididymis
• Vas deferens
• Seminal vesicles
• Prostate gland
• Urethra
• Cowper’s glands
• Penis

Scrotum: The scrotum is a sac of loose skin which holds and protects the testes.

Testes: Testes, the two glands produce not only semen but also the male sex hormone testosterone. During puberty they begin to produce sperms. These are outside the body because sperm production needs somewhat low temperature than body temperature. Do not wear very tight pants or slips which could increase the temperature of thee testes. This has an influence on the semen count.

The testes can have different sizes.

Epididymis: These coiled tubes are used by the sperms to reach seminal vesicles and these are located at the back of the testes.

Vas deferens: These narrow tubes carry sperm into the prostate gland.

Prostate gland: Prostate gland produces a fluid which becomes part of semen.

Seminal vesicles: Seminal vesicles are glands and fluid produced from them is also part of semen. They are located behind the bladder and are storage areas for sperm.

Urethra: The urethra is a channel which carries the semen to the outside of the body through the penis. It is also part of the urinary system through which urine passes and exits the body. Semen and urine do not mix and it is because urine is automatically cut off when the semen is being released.

Cowper’s glands: The clear thick fluid from Cowper’s glands lubricates urethra when the penis is erect so that sperm can pass through easily.

Penis: The penis has the two parts, the shaft and the glans. The shaft is the main part and the glans is the tip or head of the penis. At the end of the glans is a small opening and this is the exit for the semen and urine from the body. Inside the penis there is spongy tissue which can expand or contract. There is a foreskin which covers the glans for all the boys.