The amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat are not same in brown and white rice and the big differences lie in nutritional content, fatty acids and fibre. If we remove the outer layer of rice it becomes white rice. In the milling process essential minerals and vitamins are lost. Iron, magnesium and the vitamins may be enriched in the white rice. Brown rice is well known for its support to digestion

Is it so bad that we should not eat white rice?

Rice is a very important food in the world. It is the opinion of the several experts not to eat white polished rice. The following Table shows the difference between brown and milled white rice in few components:

Brown rice
White rice
Loss %
Protein (%)
Fat (%) 2.2 0.6 72.7
Carbohydrate (%) 73.4 77.8 plus 6.0
Fibre (%) 2.9 1.4 51.7
Minerals, total (%) 1.2 0.5 58.3
Iron(mg) 2.6 0.6 76.9
Zinc(mg) 1.4 0.5 64.3
VitaminB6 (mg) 0.67 0.15 77.6
Vitamin B1(mg) 0.41 0.06 85.4

Now you can have a clear picture about both kinds of rice, there is much loss of nutrients but you eat not only rice but also several other things to get these nutrients. According to your need and wish you can make a diet plan without any problem. We must read write, talk, but finally we must handle it in a practical and effective manner.