I enjoy my oil pulling now and it has become apart of my life. I feel well and the long term health effects will be noted by me regularly. I inform you if there is any interesting results are there.

In the mean time I talk to several persons about oil pulling and many ask me also. Some of their questions I could not answer and I request them to contact the sesame oil producers.

The frequently asked questions include:

• Is there any cheap oil to use for oil pulling?
• The environmental factor about the plastic used.
• The purity of the oil with respect to environmental factors.

I have no idea about the quality and the quantity of the plastics used. Surely, the sesame oil producers may know much more than me. So, in future, I request the oil pulling friends to ask this question to the oil producers. I am interested in the health aspects of sesame oil with the food what we eat. This research needs time, months or years and I am going to do this.

About the environmental and toxicological side I will also try to talk to the sesame oil producers to get their experience in these fields. If they do not have it and ask me to evaluate I am glad to do this. But, these works would be done in Germany. If I know more, I write you once again.

Have lot of fun with oil pulling…