We belong to countries where cadmium, lead and mercury are present in breast milk and things must be avoided to reduce the contamination of these metals from water and food. The other two metals found are arsenic and manganese.

Most of the countries have banned lead from petrol and lead pipes in the houses. These have reduced the amount of lead in breast milk. Cadmium is accumulated quickly in the kidneys, thus only in low levels in blood as well as in breast milk are present. The prenatal trans-placental exposure to an infant is a much greater concern. Drinking water can be a source of heavy metal exposure. Methyl mercury comes from fishes and cadmium exposure from shell- fish is high. The baby instant food is a source of exposure for many metals including cadmium, aluminium and others.

Tobacco smoke contains also cadmium.

The millions of small batteries what we use and throw also contain lot of poisonous trace elements like lead, cadmium, etc. If possible use only rechargeable batteries.

Energy saving bulbs contains mercury and all these wastes are normally special poisonous wastes which should be destroyed in a careful way. Here recycling means getting raw materials from the poisonous waste.

Thermo papers for your laser printer contain mercury.

Lead salts with other salts are added with paints to make them dry quickly. Lead salts are sweet and the children like this taste and lick them. Observe them when they stand near the painted windows.

Reduce known exposure to poisonous metals as for as possible.