German Environment ministry with five leading cell phone producers agreed few months ago that children below 12 years may get health problems if they use cell phones. They advised the children to avoid cell phones. For the adults they wanted study further. Now this is from Britain.

A new British study suggests that the long-term use of mobile phones can create up to 1,500 cases of brain tumours per year over the next twenty years.

The team led by Radiation expert, Dr. George Carlo, reviewed 23 major studies on the effects of cell phones on users to conclude that people using phones for 10 years or more had 34 percent more chances of developing brain tumours.
The report included over 12,000 patients who had developed brain tumours and 25,000 who were tumour-free and has been published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

“This information confirms our fears, giving serious concern for all of us and the future generation,” the Daily Express quoted Carlo, as saying.

However, the Government and the Mobile Operators Association maintain their stand that mobile phones are risk free.