Yes, in small quantities, about 180 ml per day, it helps to reduce the heart attack risk, but who can guarantee me that the person will not drink more.

One glass becomes two, three, a bottle and more. Therefore, it is better to eat reasonably and have enough physical activities than red wine to reduce the heart attack risk

Red wine has resveratrol, the red substance and many other poly phenols which are very strong anti-oxidants. Little alcohol helps our blood vessels to enlarge and the heart has to work less. Therefore, the blood pressure comes down. On the contrary, if you drink more alcohol the blood vessels become narrow and the heart has to pump strong and the blood pressure goes up. This is the reason why we say social drinking is healthy

What will happen if you drink some alcoholic beverages with straw?

If a small amount of alcohol is taken in the mouth quickly, it is distributed to the whole mucous membrane which could also absorb alcohol and it goes into the blood quickly and you feel it soon. It is not advisable to take with straw.