The distribution of the alcohol in the body is not the same in different individuals and it is also dependent of the weight.

The genes play a role here. But, if one could drink more means his health is also more in danger and he is never a super man. Drinking in empty stomach is bad because the alcohol enters quickly to the blood and to the brain.

The women must be very careful with alcohol, because they produce fewer enzymes to metabolize alcohol, thus become quickly drunk. Never drink like a man; it is dangerous for you in all the ways.

Whether you drink more or less a maximum of 0.11/oo (0.11 per mille) will be excreted per hour. If you have an alcohol concentration of 0.8/oo in your blood it takes 8 hours to excrete. That means if you drink more in the late evening next morning also you have rest alcohol in your blood. This could affect your reaction time and the chance of making a traffic accident is high. Do not drive a car or operate a machine if you are under the influence of alcohol.

There are no medicines or any other plant products which could excrete the alcohol quickly from your body. There many persons in internet who promise quick excretion with their product for very high price and it is a lie.