During puberty the boys get erection and it is when a boy’s penis hardens and lengthens. The circumference also is increased. Normally during erections penis is not straight and either have a curvy bend upwards or to either side.

What is the normal size of the penis during erection?

Normally they are 10 to 14 cm long and enough exceptions are there on both sides. Many boys worry that their penis is small and this worry is unnecessary.

Vagina is 10 to 12 cm long and it can accommodate more because of the elastic, but very sensitive muscles. Moreover, the sensitive nerve ends are in the lower part of the vagina and so a small penis is also a good one. Here not the length but the thickness plays a decisive role in sex.

How to avoid the unwanted erection?

It is better to sit down and concentrate on something else which helps mostly.

What is a wet dream?

When some semen comes out from a boy’s penis while he is asleep it is a wet dream. He may remember his sexual dream or in most cases may not remember.

Is it bad if one has wet dreams?

There is nothing wrong in it and not every boy/man has wet dreams.