There are few things which everybody – teenagers, adolescents and adults – must know and they are explained here.

Safer Sex - using a condom during sexual intercourse with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases infected person is called safer sex. The infected body fluid should not enter in the blood of the other and this can cause the disease. If it is because of sexual intercourse or bleeding gums or sores in the mouth the result may be infection. The rest risk is minimal here but it is there.

Safe Sex - it is actually not sexual intercourse but one can have many activities even with a HIV infected person. These may be kissing, cuddling, massaging and rub each other’s bodies. But cuts and sores on the skin must be covered with plasters.

If you use a contraceptive there is 98% to 99% safety to prevent the pregnancy. The so-called rest risk is always there and 1% or 2% is too high. You cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with all contraceptive methods.

There are no natural methods to prevent pregnancy.