Masturbation is Taboo in some cultures and it is normal in many cultures. It is well known that the persons who preach against masturbation do masturbate…this is the reality.

Do boys and girls masturbate?

Yes, both do. In Western culture the girl learns from her friends or elder cousins. Thus they know the pleasure they could get from their body. Therefore, later in life they expect this pleasure from their boy friend or partner or husband. The sex is for them a team work and enjoyment.

But women from all culture expect closeness from their husbands and they are very happy with that. For many it plays a better and vital role than sex.

The Indian men could be happy. Almost all young women have no idea about this pleasure when they get married. So, the husband is the one sided boss here to satisfy, mostly, his urges. The men must learn more, otherwise if the women change with the help of all the available media, it is bad for the men.

Does masturbation cause acne or pimples?

No, it is a myth.

Does masturbation make you blind?

Also wrong.

Does masturbation cause hair growth on your palms?

No, it is a myth.

Masturbation causes sexually transmitted diseases, a myth?

Yes, it is.

Excessive masturbation leads to infertility. Is this correct?

No, it is not correct. During puberty the level of the testosterone is very high and no adverse effects are there.

Does masturbation has any effect on your brain?

No, there are no adverse effects on your brain.

Do girls masturbate?

Yes, but much later than boys.

Does everybody accept masturbation in our society?

No, many religions and religious groups do not accept this. In many cultures even today it is a taboo theme. You must know about everything. Whether one practises or not, it is his own decision.

It is very important that the wife and husband not only learn about their own body but also the body of their partner, husband/wife.