Do all women have good knowledge about their sex organs?

It is not the case even in Western countries where many have the chance to attend sex health and relationship education in their schools.

Main part - In the beginning less research was done about the sex organs of the women because of the overemphasis of the only reproductive role of women in the society. During the Victorian Era the women could be hanged if they showed the pleasure of sex!

Moreover, the most important female sex organs are either barely visible or hidden completely in the abdominal cavity. The external female sex organs do not give any information what is going inside. These are the reasons why it is difficult for girls or women to understand the functions of the reproductive system of their body. Although modern medical sciences have explained many things there are still questions which are unanswered. Girls as well as boys must have right information about the female sex organs to develop later in life a mature and responsible relationship.

Many including men do not know what are “genitals” and what are “reproductive organs”?