When the girls go through puberty their hips become curvier, they grow more and quickly and their breasts grow larger. After 1.5 to 2 years from the beginning of these developments she will get her first menstrual period. This first period is medically known as menarche. This means that the reproductive system of a girl is matured and all the reproductive (sex) organs are working together.

Are there symptoms before the first menstrual period?

Approximately 6 months before or before getting her first menstrual period there may be clear vaginal discharge. This is common, but it is advisable to go to the doctor if it has strong smell or itching.

Is menstrual fluid only blood?

No it is not. It contains blood, tissues from the uterine walls and unfertilized eggs from the uterus. These go out of the body through the vagina. This is a menstrual period and this cycle will happen every month till the woman releases eggs from her ovaries.

Are the menstrual cycles of all girls same?

Normally it is 28 days, but there are girls with a 21 day cycle or a 30 day cycle. In extreme cases it may be even a 45 day cycle. Irregular periods are also common and many girls continue to have irregular periods into adulthood.

How many days do the periods last?

Some girls have their period only two or three days, others may have it for 6 or 7 days and there are few who have longer than 7 days. An open talk with the mother and gynaecologist is the right approach. It can also vary to a girl month to month.

What is the amount of blood coming out?

Even for the same girl the amount of flow will change in every period and most of the time it is normal. If there is excessive or irregular or absent or painful periods contact your doctor and he can find out the cause of the problems.