Breasts play an important role in sexual life as well as in infant-feeding.

Many young women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. What is the reason for that?

During puberty every girl thinks it could have been better if she has big breasts. Breasts are also the external sex organs of a woman. The girls and young women consider big breasts are beautiful and attractive. But breasts have a unique place in a woman’s life because it also plays a major role in the beauty of the women, according to men.

During puberty many young women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. But with increasing age women with small breasts are happy compared to women who have big breasts. The reason is women with big breasts get various problems including back pain and hanging breasts.

Does breastfeeding harm the beauty of the women?

No, it is a myth. Good food and lifestyle with enough exercises keep the breasts always beautiful. Many children and long breastfeeding has no adverse effects if you know what to do.

What about the artificial methods to increase the size of the breast?

There are several methods starting from silica gel pad and these are inserted inside the breasts. Breast tissues are very sensitive and so there are several problems. There are enough women to do this because of different reasons. As a clinical toxicologist I know the adverse health effects and risks also.

Have breasts any reproductive function?

Breasts have directly no reproductive functions. But it is the natural source of food for the infant. Look, a baby has to suck well to get the milk from the breast and it is good for the health of the baby. Bottle-fed babies need not suck and the milk comes automatically and it is not good for the baby.

Breasts are important in a pairs married life. They play a vital role in foreplay and in sex as a whole.