Pulling out the penis before ejaculation does not lead to pregnancy, is it correct?

This is the most frequently asked question from teenagers and young women in the world. The young man tries to convince the young woman that she will not become pregnant if he pulls out before ejaculation and many believe also in course of time this.

The woman can still become pregnant because the lubrication fluid from the penis can contain few sperms and this is enough to make her pregnant.
The chance of getting HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also high and never accept this argument.

There are some other myths and every woman must know this clearly.

Sex and pregnancy - you cannot predict anything because your psychology also plays a vital role.

Some of the myths include:

• She has her first sexual intercourse, so no chance of pregnancy – here also she can become pregnant
• Sex during her periods – she can become pregnant. It may be because sperm can stay alive for 3 to 5 days in a warm and moist environment
• Sex in the standing position – she can become pregnant because sperm can swim in any direction

There are as such no safer days during the menstrual cycle and a woman can become pregnant at any time.

Whether a Western girl in her puberty or an Indian woman with two children needs contraception it is always better to consult the gynaecologist for the right type of contraceptive method for her.